A new version of OpenJazz is now available for download.

It's been a long time coming, and I can't remember all the changes I've made. They include the following:
  • Settings are now saved on exit
  • There's an in-game menu
  • Bees (and a bunch of other enemies) now move.
I've just uploaded the latest version.

As expected, I've taken out all non-standard code. The code only makes the distinction between Windows and Linux.

Main improvements in this version:
  • Better handling of springs
  • Simple bridges
  • Ability to pause
  • Configurable controls (not saved on exit)
Behold the shiny new rejuvenated site!

Not much has happened to OpenJazz in the last few months, but I'll be working on it again in the near future.

This is old news, but OpenJazz is available for the PSP and PocketPCs.

A note to all those excellent people making ports: I've decided to remove your code from the main codebase to make it more readable. I have a feeling you guys know how to make it work on your respective platforms better than I do, anyway. Also, when linking back to this site, is more future-proof.
A new version of OpenJazz is available.
Various people have ported the last version to the Dreamcast, the GP2X, and the GP32.
OpenJazz now has a logo.
Introducing OpenJazz, the free, open-source re-implementation of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit(tm) game engine. OpenJazz is currently pre-alpha, but is still playable.