I've just uploaded a new version. Along with the usual bug fixes and minor improvements, this version introduces sound effects.

Plus, you can now comment on these news items!
26/5/'09 19:05
30/5/'09 20:50
Yay! :)
9/6/'09 23:14
It's now been confirmed that the last version does work over the internet!

Unfortunately, this highlighted a major flaw. The screen goes black when a player dies. This was intended for single-player mode only, but it also happens in multiplayer mode. This makes playing the game rather difficult. A fixed version can be downloaded now.

Also, I keep neglecting to mention the Mac OS X port.
The last release was not a resounding success, so there's a new version now available. Hopefully it will work for people. I can say that it now works locally under Linux.

Multiplayer aside, there's the usual bunch of changes and fixes.
There's another new version to download. This time, there's a major new feature.

Multiplayer has always been one of the intended outcomes of the OpenJazz project, but various factors have put it on the back burner. Now, finally, it's here for you to try.

It's not perfect yet. It works locally, but I can't get it to work over the internet. The testers were all behind routers, though, so it may work for you. You can change your character's colours so that you can tell each other apart. Press F9 in-game to see a list of all the players.

There are three multiplayer modes:
  • Cooperative: Work together to make your way through the levels.
  • Battle: Score points by roasting the other players.
  • Team Battle: Score points for your team by roasting your opponents.
I've switched OpenJazz to C++, to make the code more easily understandable. It's ready to download.

It also has some new features, including:
  • Enemies that shoot
  • The ability to swim
  • Various physics improvements