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Yesterday was interesting. Despite my school being outstandingly liberal, certain pupils went on strike because of "limits to our freedom".
The school is planning on putting a 2 metre fence all around the school, with only one entrance and exit. I don't see the problem, but the druggies and the freedom-freaks do. More people still just went on strike to skip lessons. The whole affair was a farce from beginning to end.
Still, it was exciting. Someone brought drums. someone brought a horn, and at one point climbed onto the canteen roof to set it off.
Someone phoned RTL, and the whole crowd surged towards the camera crew when it arrived.
5/12/'06 00:00

"the druggies and the freedom-freaks"

When I was young, I read the Daily Mail. Does it show?

I'm a lot more liberal now, but I still think the cause was ridiculous. But then, so was the fence. Of course, I doubt most of the people who went on strike actually cared that much. They did get to skip classes, though.

RTL is Luxembourg's national broadcaster. Apparently it's also Europe's largest TV, radio and production company.
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