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Well, ADSL has been a lot of fun, and I've spent more of my free time surfing than I've spent doing anything productive. Although I do have another ultra-cool Top Secret project going. But you'll have to wait ages before I spill the beans on that.
The pictures section will be going down. It gets the least hits yet takes up more space than the whole of the rest of the website.
A while back I said I ws working on a version of Palette Suite for Linux. This project was lost when I screwed up my Linux partition (I accidentally used it as swap space. Oh, the humiliation...). This happened a long time ago, so it's about time I started working on it again. Expect to see a GTK+ version of it later this year.
I recently bought Half-Life Generation. It's a pack containing four Half-Life games. Half-Life is, in my opinion, the best game I've bought in 3 years. And that's a long time to wait. So I'm very happy now.
5/12/'06 00:00

"I've spent more of my free time surfing than I've spent doing anything productive" is probably still an accurate statement. The "ultra-cool Top Secret project" never got anywhere near completion.

Today, we live in a world where we can put videos online. Back then, simple pictures could take up too much space. Yeesh.

The GTK+ version of Palette Suite never materialised. These days I only use Linux for academic purposes.

Half-Life is still one of the greatest games ever made. Half-Life 2 is also awesome.
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