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I'm back to updating this site. I'm currently adding to the pictures section. You should soon be able to view pictures from my new mini digital camera (webcam with memory).
We have contacted P&T asking for ADSL. They are currently spending a few weeks checking if it is available in our area. It was supposed to be my Christmas present. If and when we get it we will also get a home network. That means I should be able to burn CDs with my own computer, access a decent printer, avoid installing programs twice, etc.
Once I have ADSL I will spend alot of time surfing. Once I've cooled off a bit, I'll use the opportunity tpo make sure this site works perfectly. I do minimum checks with the phone bills we currently have to pay.
P&T's most expensive package is 1024kbps-up/128kbps-down, so you can imagine that our package will not match the speeds you get in other countries. Still, while multimedia streaming may not be quite so great, there will be the fact that it is A Permanent Connection.
In other news, err... something happened... and err.. someone noticed...
5/12/'06 00:00

Permanent connectivity proved to be very addictive. In late 2006 I went a few weeks without an internet connection, and had serious problems functioning.

Five years down the line, and a standard domestic UK broadband package still isn't much better. Why can't I live in a country with decent telecommunications?

No idea what was happening at the end of this post.
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