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We're All Going On A Summer Holiday
Today I went to get my ticket to Luxembourg. My New Year's Resolution was not to fly for the entire year, so I have to go by bus. It turns out that to get from Edinburgh to Luxembourg by bus, you need to spend two days in transit.

Of course, being unable to fly is a perfect excuse for going on a mighty road trip in July!

So, here is my travel itinerary for the next two months:

13/6: Edinburgh to London
14/6: London to Luxembourg
29/6: Luxembourg to Amsterdam
1/7: Amsterdam to Paris
4/7: Paris to Dijon
7/7: Dijon to Cologny in the Republic and Canton of Geneva
9/7: Cologny in the Republic and Canton of Geneva to Turin
11/7: Turin to Rome
15/7: Rome to Milan
16/7: Milan to Innsbruck
18/7: Innsbruck to Stuttgart
20/7: Stuttgart to Cologne
23/7: Cologne to Amsterdam
26/7: Amsterdam to Brussels
28/7: Brussels to Edinburgh

This means I will be going to Amsterdam twice in the space of a month. I'm pretty sure you can get arrested for that.
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