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Summer 2000
After an exhausting year of school the summer holidays are here!
The Jelly-Baby zone and the cell-strike page are gone.

I am still playing the O "Sonic the hedgehog" O games. I really am far too old.
O If you have not yet guessed, this is a ring.

Upcoming stuff! Well, one major thing. Not telling you what it is, though.
5/12/'06 00:00

The Jelly Baby Zone was my Doctor Who page. Cell-Strike was a simple game I made. It was quite addicitive.

I still have my Sonic cartridges, but no console to play them on. I am no longer under the illusion that you can be too old for Sonic.

I can't remember what the major upcoming thing was, but it was probably Palette Suite.
25/11/'11 06:41
Kewl you should come up with that. Execllnet!
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