Hi! My name's Alister. This is my website. It started off as an experiment in 1996, and never really stopped.
Happy New Year!

I've just uploaded the latest version of Palette Suite, having fixed a bug in PNG loading.

It's my birthday tomorrow. Yay!
The End
It's the end of the year!

It's also the end of the old site. The site is now 100% updated. It's also, finally, compliant with strict XHTML 1.0.

My exams have also ended. The other two went better than the first, thankfully.
OpenJazz News
Update and ports
I had my first exam today. Large Scale Integrated Circuits. It did not go that well.

The site redesign is coming along nicely. There's now a news archive stretching back to 1999.
Site Redesign
With exams approaching quickly, it's an ideal time to start a major redesign of the site.

Right now, only the front page has changed, but other areas of the site will adopt the new style soon. Some pages will go, some new pages will be added, and some content will be shuffled about.
Latest news
I was up bright and early on the first day of the .eu landrush to register www.alister.eu
I while ago I created OpenJazz.
I've also cleared the extremely outdated news.
Doctor Who gets going again this saturday, and I've got exams coming up, so this will probably be the last update in a while.
5/12/'06 00:00

As you can see below, that extremely outdated news is back, with even more extremely outdated news!

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