OpenJazz is now on SourceForge.

This was done for a variety of reasons:
  • Other developers can now contribute code more easily. This means that the code for ports can now be re-integrated with the main codebase. It also means that there is less of a barrier for other people to contribute improvements.
  • I usually wait until I have several new features before I release the latest version of the source code. Now there's an SVN repository, I can upload bug fixes and new features as soon as they're done.
  • Bug reports and feature requests can be tracked in a more consistent manner. I've added a few example bugs to the tracker myself, feel free to add your own.

So, how's OJ development going? Well, I've rearranged the code into more files and - get this - folders. There's now a framework for adding new game modes, and I've used this to add a race mode. Additionally, the compatibility problem with J2E-generated level files has been fixed.
26/1/'10 19:39

How about adding a command line parameter for enabling fullscreen support at launch?
10/2/'10 19:35
Sure, no problem.
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