The Official Butt Ugly Level of the Week Contest
brought to you by AlisterT

"You thought it would never happen. But now it has. Your worst nightmare..." - Stripe, 1999

BULOTW was originally created by Stripe to ridicule some of the awful levels that were created back in the day. Unfortunately, awful levels continue to be made and hosted. BULOTW is still needed.

19th May - 25th June (2006)

This is the kind of thing that makes me cry. It's another hotel with its own tileset.

The most striking thing about this level is its innovative use of a day-night cycle. Sure, the days last 15 seconds and the nights last 14 seconds. Sure, there's no sign of dawn, dusk, or any other intermediate phase. Sure, the sun and the moon are in the foreground. But it's INNOVATIVE.

Of course, there's much more that hits you in the fiftten seconds before the first day instantly becomes the first night. And boy, does it hit you. Like an abusive spouse.

First, there's the message "CRAZY TILESET". I have to admit, at least this is an accurate description. Watch out for the animated Spaz sprite! And, uh, the great-big-gun sprite. And the Megaman sprite. And the sprite of the fighting-game character. I tried to find out who this guy was, but when Google Image Search started throwing up Street Fighter erotica, I gave up. There are also sprites of a few JJ2 players' characters, which really confused me when I joined the server hosting this level.

Of course, directly below the starting position is the following proud declaration: "Tileset Created/Modified by CrazyR.UR Crazy Rabbit Crazy RabbitMP." One person? Three people? One person with multiple personalities? Do I even care?

Anyway. Here I am, rambling on, and I haven't yet reached the hotel itself.

You can pick up an airboard, but if you try to actually take it anywhere you'll hit a "Fly Off" event. As far as I can tell, there aren't actually any rooms in this hotel. There are a few names sprinkled around, but they don't seem to correspond to anything. This is more of a puzzle level. Don't miss the tiny fighting arena, though.

Of course, you can only do the puzzle if you know exactly how. Forget deduction, you'll be there all week.

I want to end this on a positive note, and this is the best I can do: At least the tileset is so bad that it can't be misused.


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