The Official Butt Ugly Level of the Week Contest
brought to you by AlisterT

"You thought it would never happen. But now it has. Your worst nightmare..." - Stripe, 1999

BULOTW was originally created by Stripe to ridicule some of the awful levels that were created back in the day. Unfortunately, awful levels continue to be made and hosted. BULOTW is still needed.

15th May - 21st May (2006)

This week's level is called Hotel Harty (TSF). Yes, I know finding faults in hotels is like shooting fish in a barrel, but there hasn't been a BULOTW in a while.

The tileset seems to pay tribute to Unknown Rabbit, so I'm not sure how much I can insult it. But still, heads-on-spikes is just wrong. The tileset choice is paramount to understanding why this is an ugly level. Given the constraints, the creator has done quite well. Let's just pretend he was forced to use this tileset by circumstances beyond his control. However, this does not forgive the Jazzberries or the Chequered Pattern of Epileptic Doom.

To the creator's credit, they have used up the full 256x64 tile gamepaly area. Let's be thankful they didn't choose to enlarge it.

The creator delights in secret areas, secret areas within secret areas, secret areas within secret areas within... you get the idea. There are more crates and trigger zones than you can shake a stick at. There's a lesson to be learned here: There is a difference between interesting puzzles and innavigable vomit.

And there's the coins, of course. The author has gone to the trouble of making some of the rooms only accessible if you have a modest number of coins. He's also gone to the trouble of making sure you can pick up hundreds of coins in a matter of seconds, with a room full of instantly regenerating coins and countless hidden stashes.

You really have to open this one up in JCS to appreciate the author's love of pointlessness.

And the tileset. Oh God, the tileset.


This site is provided for the amusement the JJ2 community. If you have been offended by the inclusion of your level, that is your problem. Making a non-ugly level is not hard. If you can't do it, then you shouldn't be making levels.

...On the other hand, if people didn't make ugly levels, this site would have no content.

"Just because your dad lost his job and your dog died last week doesn't mean you have to host crappy levels. :D" - Stripe, 1999