The Official Butt Ugly Level of the Week Contest
brought to you by AlisterT

"You thought it would never happen. But now it has. Your worst nightmare..." - Stripe, 1999

BULOTW was originally created by Stripe to ridicule some of the awful levels that were created back in the day. Unfortunately, awful levels continue to be made and hosted. BULOTW is still needed.

24th April - 30th April (2006)

This week's level is called Death Pit. We may never know why.

The first thing that hits you when you play this level in single-player mode is background, or rather the lack thereof. Always a classic. Then there's the platforms which rush by in the foreground. Sheer genius. The level creator has put great thought into the diversity of JJ2 players. This level caters both to those who play as Jazz and those who play as Spaz. Sure, Jazz can't reach most of the areas of this level, but he can always morph into Spaz. There's a morph box very near the starting position, just past a set of H-poles.

So, now you can reach the other parts of the level, where to now? Left, to a thrilling sucker tube? Up, to a cave of chains? Or right, to a zig-zag of hooks? They'll all take you to the hooks, so it doesn't really make much difference.

But wait, what is this beyond the zig-zag of hooks? Vertical hooks. They're almost unusable, but if you persist, you'll be taken up to a set of spiky balls spelling out an enlightened message... "LOL". Successful evasion of both the balls and the subsequent floor spikes takes you to... the top of the hook zig-zag. What fun!

Can you find the secret pinball area??? Or the secret ammo area???

No analysis would be complete without opening up the level in JCS. Another enlightened message is spelt out in sucker tube tiles across the middle of the level: "DEATH". In this unreachable area lies a text trigger. If this person can produce such prose with nothing but tiles, what can they do with actual letters?

Not much.


This site is provided for the amusement the JJ2 community. If you have been offended by the inclusion of your level, that is your problem. Making a non-ugly level is not hard. If you can't do it, then you shouldn't be making levels.

...On the other hand, if people didn't make ugly levels, this site would have no content.

"Just because your dad lost his job and your dog died last week doesn't mean you have to host crappy levels. :D" - Stripe, 1999