The Official Butt Ugly Level of the Week Contest
brought to you by AlisterT

"You thought it would never happen. But now it has. Your worst nightmare..." - Stripe, 1999

BULOTW was originally created by Stripe to ridicule some of the awful levels that were created back in the day. Unfortunately, awful levels continue to be made and hosted. BULOTW is still needed.

4th September - 10th September (2006)

This week's level is Ship Trip. Sorry, that's what it's called. What it is uses some of the same letters.

The level misuses the beach tileset. I'm pretty sure the author has never played, nor even looked at, the official beach levels. I also get the impression that the author is more familiar with magazine collage than real images. This is the first time I have ever seen anyone use the water gradient tiles. They appear to form the matresses of some very large beds, with some of the rocky background tiles as pillows. Have you ever tried using a rock as a pillow? I have. It doesn't work.

This level seems to be a guide to how you can fill your level with an obscene number of warps. It uses 3-digit warp IDs, which says it all.

Some of the warps need coins to get through. There is one place, and one place only, where you can get coins. The room-of-infinite-coins, a favourite of butt-ugly level makers everywhere. I leapt around the level trying to find the warp that lead into this room, then began to question what I was doing with my life. I went for the quicker option of trying to find the warp in JCS, but the same thing happened. It may be possible to get at the instantly-regenerating 32 silver coins and 29 gold coins, but I honestly don't care how it's done.

Actually, scrub that. I just found the warp. And it has multiple exits.

Many, many multiple exits. I lost count. Several of them actually deliver you to the same area.

I think I've worked out the secret behind this level. Allow me to share my theory with you: This is the work of an actual, genuine, bona fide sadist. He or she first bought JJ2 in 1998, and has spent most of his or her spare time ever since placing warp target events in this very level.

But enough about the warps. I haven't told you about the animated spikes yet. If you're familiar with the spikes in Beach, you'll know that they're some form of spiky greenery. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to be dancing a little jig before your very eyes. But dance they do. At least, I assume that's what they're doing. They're probably supposed to be waving in the ocean currents, or something. I'm pretty sure ocean currents aren't quite that turbulent, though.

I'd like to stop writing about this waste of disk space, but I haven't mentioned the flashing transparent lifebelts. There's plenty of other stuff in this level that's transparent for no apparent reason, but at least it doesn't flash.

I found this level being hosted as "Hide and Seek". Now I know why. It makes me want to hide from it, and then seek counselling.


This site is provided for the amusement the JJ2 community. If you have been offended by the inclusion of your level, that is your problem. Making a non-ugly level is not hard. If you can't do it, then you shouldn't be hosting levels.

...On the other hand, if people didn't host ugly levels, this site would have no content.

"Just because your dad lost his job and your dog died last week doesn't mean you have to host crappy levels. :D" - Stripe, 1999