Red Nose Day 2007
10 minutes before Red Nose Day
The first of the hourly photos. I entered the floor after this photo was taken.
12:06 AM
This one was taken just after the hatch was closed. There are no rats.
12:58 AM
Still no rats.
1:59 AM
Still no rats.
4:02 AM
Missed 3:00 AM due to sleep. Still no rats.
6:06 AM
Missed 5:00 AM due to sleep. Still no rats.
6:15 AM
5-second exposure. No rats.
6:17 AM
30-second exposure. No rat blurs.
7:07 AM
Still no rats.
8:03 AM
Still no rats.
10:59 AM
Missed 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM due to sleep. Still no rats.
11:33 AM
60-second exposure.
11:55 AM
Almost free! Have befriended the rat king, will be second-in-command when they overthrow humanity.

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